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Derived from pub billiards. Score by shooting the ball from the pull action trigger into holes or cups of nails.

£20.00 £35.00

BASKETBALL PLAY-OFF (3m x 2.5m x 2.4m)
Two player. Twin basketball game with electronic scoring system and automatic return for the basketballs.

£80.00 £160.00

BATAK LITE (1200mm x 1000mm x 170mm)
Batak Lite is a unique and very challenging game requiring hand and eye co-ordination. It has various difficulty (stamina) setting by enabling users to train under simulated 'sports like' conditions, whilst also providing an element of fun and competition. It has a digital timer and score keeping system. Suitable for all ages. Batak is unique and a very challenging piece of apparatus

£350.00 £475.00

Nice and comfortable blindfolds with elastic straps. Shaped to block out light to the eyes. Set of 8.

£28.00 £40.00

Ten lightweight mops especially made to throw at the tin cans. Supplied with a container of tin cans and a purpose made table / stand.

£45.00 £60.00

COCONUT SHY (240 x 60 x 140cm)
13 coconut holders on a free standing frame (240 x 60 x 11cm). 50 balls / bean bags, bunting, catch nets and 4 poles.

£100.00 £125.00

4 mallets, 6 hoops, 4 balls and 1 peg on a purpose built stand.

£35.00 £50.00

10 wooden eggs and 10 normal sized wooden spoons.

£18.00 £25.00

FAIRGROUND STRIKER, RING THE BELL (870mm x 640mm x 2400mm) (Packed size 1860mm x 330mm x 1830mm)
8ft high with 6ft slider. Assembles and folds down in minutes.

£80.00 £140.00

Large sacks with zips 2400mm x 1530mm (8' high x 5' diameter) suspended by wooden poles held above. Are these changing rooms for consenting adults?


GAMES ALLEY (6m x 1m x 0.5m)
Package has a 5.5m wooden alley with accessories for skittles, golf putting, horseshoe and ring tossing.

£80.00 £110.00

GIANT BUZZER (1.8 x 0.3 x 1.0m)
This game is very visual and great fun to try your mind and body co-ordination skills without setting the buzzer.

£45.00 £70.00

GIANT CONNECT FOUR (120 x 57 x 120cm)
Garden sized game where contestants try to out-smart each other by getting 4 of their colours in a row.

£30.00 £45.00

Garden sized game where contestants take a block from the tower and balance it back on the top.

£30.00 £45.00

GIANT OPERATION (214 x 92 x 13cm)
A large-as-life painted character patient with obscure bits to be removed without setting off the alarm.

£175.00 £300.00

Have you got a steady hand? Can you pick up a stick without moving any of the others? 30 sticks to a set.

£12.00 £18.00

A new dimension to an old favourite. You are the marker and there are some added features for some extra fun.

£20.00 £25.00

GIANT TABLE SKITTLES (102 x 106 x 200cm)
Oversized skittles on a board with the ball attached to the upright pole. Swinging the ball knocks down the skittles.

£75.00 £100.00

Over sized PVC ground sheet with 64 spots (16 of each colour) with a large dial for whose turn next.

£35.00 £50.00

The practice 0.9m square velcro target is reversible (range or 1st hole). Supplied with 3 balls and a wedge-type club.

£15.00 £20.00

An inflatable 1 metre diameter paddling pool, 3 rods and 12 catches.

£25.00 £30.00

8 wooden bases (15 x 20cm) with 20cm tall pegs protruding upwards and 16 wooden throwing rings.

£35.00 £50.00

Choose between a single peg sand box or 10 pegs to hammer into the ground. Both come with 10 horseshoes.

£50.00 £60.00

Two wooden upright stands with slots at regular intervals for the positioning of the beam to position. 1.65m x 1.65m.

£23.00 £30.00

MEGAPHONE (40 x 30) (25cm dia. cone)
Loud hailers with adjustable volume it also has a switch that changes it to a loud whistle.

£20.00 £28.00

MILK THE COW (142 x 34 x 120cm)
These cows come complete with a 2 teat milk container, a milking stool, a collection bucket.

£35.00 £45.00

OPEN THE BOX (5' x 4') (155 x 122cm)
Will the contestant open the door to the big prize? or will the get the sweaty sock? Either way they will love taking part, as will the audience!

£65.00 £80.00

PICTURE BOARD (145 x 50 x 184cm)
These canvas / boards are the traditional 'put your head through the hole' and have you picture taken. Aunt Sally (beach theme of the big lady and the hen pecked husband is an old favorite).

£80.00 £110.00

Cut the pack, deal the cards! A game of atmosphere and fun, guaranteed to come up trumps!! Great audience participation.

£60.00 £75.00

6 battery operated waddling pigs and a 6-lane track. Live audience participation.

£150.00 £200.00

RAFFLE / TOMBOLA DRUM (45 x 30 x 32)
A traditional wooden octagon sided drum on a stand and a sliding door for ticket entry and the picking of the tickets.

£25.00 £35.00

RETRO 2 PLAYER COCKTAIL CABINET (730watts) 900mm x 700mm x 800mm
This glass top, two player table has a total of 48 original computer games. Games include; Bomb Jack, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Glaxion, King and Balloon, Mr. Do's Castle, New Rally X, Pacman, Space Invaders, Super Breakout, Time Pilot, 1942 and 1943.

£175.00 £300.00

RIFLE RANGE (airsoft)
This game is supervise for 3 hours. The equipment is contained in a netted area or marquee and consists of a choice of 4 battery operated soft air guns (choice of pistols or rifles). A selection of targets (electrical, moving, tin cans, static objects and targets.) Transportation is chargeable if in excess of 20 miles from SL4 2PW.

£420.00 POA
This set of two boards make a great sideshow event. Each board measures 120mm x 60mm and comes with 6 golf boards per board. Make sure you have a few big prizes, so people see the challenge! as you normally give a way the small prises. The odds of rolling all six balls into the 6 are 1 in 17000.
£60.00 £90.00

SCALEXTRICS (Various from 4.8 x 2.4)
Computerised Slot Car racing in a choice of either 6 or 8 lanes circuit with track lighting. This system keeps track of the fastest drivers, individually or as a team, running commentary throughout and a printout if required at the ned of the event. These system and operatives normally run for a maximum of 4 hours.


SKITTLE ALLEY (6 x 1 x 0.5m)
Package has a 5.5m wooden alley with accessories for skittles, can also be used for golf putting, horseshoe and ring tossing.

£80.00 £110.00

Handmade board with carved lines and chalk recess. Supplied with coins, chalk and full instructions.

£15.00 £20.00

Adult size (63cm dia) Available in various colours. As well as using them to race. Try 5-aside space hopper football.


SPLAT THE RAT (163 x 10 x 16cm)
A fabric rat attached by elastic to an aluminium run with shelter at either end of the splatter. Also available is the traditional vertical down the tube game.


The above stalls / shelters are a must where the throw / firing ammunition need to be contained in the immediate area. if required all the sides can be taken off, making for a fun fair stall open look. Other stalls / shelters for hire.

£60.00 £80.00

STOCKS (140 x 90 x 105cm) Comes flat packed in three pieces.
These are the most uncomfortable wooden stocks. Supplied with a bucket and 3 sponges. Sizes may vary.

£30.00 £45.00
Old and retro! Tables Skittles. Knock down the skittles by swing the ball on a string. The skittles are reset by pulling the string on the side of the board.
£20.00 £30.00

TABLE FOOTBALL (145 x 110 x 90cm)
Sturdy full size tables with telescopic poles and score counters.

£75.00 £110.00

TABLE TOP (balancing and skill) GAMES
Bottle (disc stacking). Labyrinth (various) Stak-a-stick, Jenga, Buzz wire game.


TUG OF WAR ROPE (106' long)
A purpose made 32.5m rope with distance markers. Still the most popular way of testing team strength.

£35.00 £55.00

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